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Richard Rowe

Richard Rowe :

Richard Rowe : Allied Victory Medal

Allied Victory Medal

We don't know anything about Richard's early life or family.

Richard served in the Manchester Regiment during the First World War. He was given the service number 63535. This number suggests he joined the regiment in around March 1918. We don't know when he joined the Army, or whether he had served in any other units before this, although he did not leave the UK until after he joined the Manchester Regiment.

We don't know whether Richard volunteered for service or was conscripted. Under conscription it was not unusual for soldiers to be assigned to units with no connection to their local area.

We don't know which battalion Richard joined once he was sent overseas, so we can't say for certain where he served.

Richard survived the War, but his life afterwards is a mystery. His medal was donated to the Museum of the Manchester Regiment in November 2006. As well as his Allied Victory Medal, Richard was also awarded the British War Medal for his Army service.

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